As we all know in today’s E-times the need for online appearance became mandatory. It’s not enough to be good at what you do but to represent yourself in a global realm is also important to gain recognition. The school website is an invaluable promotional tool for school's services and facilities. It should contain up to date information for prospective families with regard to enrolment procedures, fee information, year levels taught etc. Parents are then able to compare schools in order to ascertain which one would suit their child the best. By being effective, it would mean that the website is able to maximize the benefits as earlier presented. In this context we are providing you with a dynamic website.In our web developing project we will provide you with:


  • ·         Domain Name.
  • ·         Responsive Website
  • ·         Impressive Logo
  • ·         À la mode Banner
  • ·         Spectacular display of infrastructure.
  • ·         Augmented description of school facilities with images.
  • ·         Course and methodology Display
  • ·         Online Results display.
  • ·         Regular events and Highlights display board.
  • ·         Online assignments/homework.
  • ·         Entry Form for user information.
  • ·         Domain Hosting.
  • ·         Free 500 Transactional SMS.
  • ·         Free 500 Promotional SMS.
  • ·         5 mail ID’s.
  • ·         One Business mail IDs.


All these services in just RS 2099/-

If you do have a website then……Is your school website looking a bit bland? Not quite what you want? Maybe you paid someone to create it years ago and haven't looked at it since?

A large part of our business is the ongoing maintenance of websites. The idea is to keep the website well maintained, informative and current. Just as a school changes and develops - so should its website. To ensure that the school's website is always looking its best, many clients outsource the important job of maintaining their website to us. We will redesign your website according to a new strategic plan to help your school rise to pinnacle. Any new updates can be simply emailed, posted, or couriered to us and we will process the updates for you.

Additional SMS can be bought:

o   @ 150/- for 1000 promotional SMS

o   @ 170/-for 1000 Transactional SMS

When you can get all these services in such an economical price then why not upgrade your school to the new hi tech level. Through this medium you can achieve unbelievable results.

  • ·         24/7 open for business
  • ·         SMS/VMS facility – for informing parents
  • ·         Daily news updates.
  • ·         Show case for the achievements of the school
  • ·         Reaching to a vast sphere of people.
  • ·         Accessible from the comfort of their  home
  • ·         Low cost management techniques
  • ·         Easy and reliable way of information sharing
  • ·         You can access the progress of your website.
  • ·         Easiest way for parents for posting feedback.
  • ·         Effortless way of responding to queries and issues.

If you are purchasing the educational products from different vendors it utilizes more of your resources and manpower to deal with them. We are providing you with all the products under a single roof with best competitive and economical prices. It reduces the efforts and spares your resources to be exhausted in storage and maintenance of the material.

We are offering a single stop resource for all the educational products. Such as

  • ·         Books
  • ·         Uniforms(Both Students and Teachers)
  • ·         Id cards
  • ·         Copies(all types)
  • ·         Print materials – brochures, leaflets, notices, timetable, receipt books, letterhead etc.
  • ·         Diaries
  • ·         Computers
  • ·         School bags
  • ·         School stationary

We provide with almost every product that is mandatory for an institute for running seamlessly.

We excel our service system through providing supplies in small quantities and quick delivery to ensure zero wastage, low maintainence and storage , and on time availibility of products.