What is mypaathshala?

We provide you with the simplest way to interact, manage, implement and sharing of information and procedures. This is an online web portal which provides your institute with a global platform where all the institutes registered with us can stay connected to each other and follow the pace of upcoming trends in educational sector,  they can share their achievements, results, events, assignments, notices, upcoming events etc. on one portal with different schools.

This portal is a relief to parents from visiting schools regularly for the information and performance updates of their child. The portal bridges the gap between parents and institutes through regular SMS, VMS and E-mails, any information regarding your child can be accessed through our portal by entering your child’s school name. Addition to that parents are informed through SMS and VMS on their registered number, they cannot miss anything in this system.

What are the benefits to be associated with us?

·         24/7 open for business

·         SMS/VMS facility – for informing parents

·         Daily news updates.

·         Show case for the achievements of the school

·         Low cost management techniques

·         Easy and reliable way of information sharing

We introduced an online system to order educational resources and products for institutions to operate seamlessly. This system is same as online shopping of diversified products on a single portal. In this system you can choose the product online view the price compare different products then order all the products in an order with a single vendor. This is a hassle free procedure with the benefit of competitive prices as well as quality products.

You can just send us a SMS or give us a call on +919694999909 or send us an E-mail on abhay.jaini@gmail.com and info@mypaathshala.com about your queries for the product and services. We will contact you and arrange a personal appointment with you, our representative will visit you to give you thorough details about our product and services, at your doorstep. After understanding and viewing our products and services you will be able to make an informed choice whether to make a purchase or not.